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Semester Courses

Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

An Educational Program for Risk Managers
Developed by the Insurance Institute of America, the three-course Associate in Risk Management (ARM) program will enable you to apply a risk management decision-making process to any organization's exposures to accidental and business losses.

Earning the ARM Designation
Successful completion of three national ARM examinations administered by the Insurance Institute of America.

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What you will learn in IEA's ARM classes

  • How to identify and evaluate exposures to both accidental losses and business risks
  • Analysis of risk control and financing techniques for each exposure
  • Selection of the most effective risk management alternative
  • Ways to implement and monitor selected risk control and risk financing techniques.

Who Will Benefit

  • Those responsible for risk financing and control
  • Corporate and government safety personnel
  • Insurance producers and consultants who provide risk management counseling for their clients,
  • Underwriters seeking to sharpen their risk selections and loss control recommendations.

Earning Your Designation With IEA
By earning your ARM designation with IEA, you benefit from the best of two worlds - approved AICPCU curriculum, and the real world experience of IEA instructors. You'll work with a professional organization that has extensive experience in preparing students to become qualified participants in their areas of interest, and helping them to pass the national exams.

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