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Continuing Education Seminars

IEA provides a wide range of topical seminars to keep you up to date with the latest changes
in the insurance industry. These programs are led by industry experts and offer CE credit for
your property casualty agent/broker license.   

October 14  SEMINAR: Ethics for the Insurance Professional
Pasadena, CA
October 16  GETTING SOAKED! Outside the WC Umbrella
Pasadena, CA
November 4  SEMINAR: Ethics for the Insurance Professional
Oakland, CA
November 13  SEMINAR: Demystifying Death Benefits
Costa Mesa, CA
November 17  Additional Insured and Certificates 2015
Costa Mesa, CA
November 18  SEMINAR: Ethics for the Insurance Professional
Costa Mesa, CA
December 2  Additional Insured and Certificates 2015
Oakland, CA
December 3  SEMINAR: Introduction to Workers' Compensation Claims
Pasadena, CA
December 9  Additional Insured and Certificates 2015
Pasadena, CA