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CPDM, Disability Management

What is CPDM?
CPDM is a professional designation in disability and absence management developed by IEA and the Disability Management Employer Coalition Inc. (DMEC). CPDM offers an in-depth curriculum devised by industry experts, providing the unique skills required for effective disability and absence management. Click to download CPDM brochure

Only three Courses!
Only three courses are required to complete the CPDM designation. All three courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better to earn the designation. Modules may be taken in traditional classroom format, or online.

CPDM 1: Essentials of Disability Management cpdm1
CPDM 2: IDAM Tools and Concepts cpdm2
CPDM 3: Disability Management Implementation & Sustainability cpdm3

CPDM 1 is also available in Self-Study format. Click here to Order

Continuing Education Requirement
Six hours of continuing education are required annually. There are three sources of CE which will satisfy your obligation. Hours may be earned in part or wholly from these sources.

DMEC offers webinars, national conferences and local chapter meetings which are CE-qualified. Information on these opportunities is always available on the DMEC website: www.DMEC.org . Designees using these venues must report their hours to IEA using this CE reporting form. Additionally, all Disability Management Coalition (DMEC) educational programs, including chapter meetings and the Annual Conference, are also pre-approved for CE hours.

IEA offers streaming video and classroom seminars which are CE-qualified. Information and enrollment links are available on IEA's website. IEA's streaming video content is catalogued for CPDM appropriate material. For designees whose primary role is in the workers' compensation field, any of IEA's WC seminars will provide value. View Workers' Compensation CE Seminars.

From time to time, providers other than DMEC and IEA will provide CE-qualified content. Designees using these venues must report their hours to IEA using this CE reporting form and pay a processing and registration fee of $20 per hour.

CPDM was developed in association with DMEC, The Disability Management Employer Coalition. DMEC proudly offers scholarship funding for ONE qualified applicant per semester. To learn more about the CPDM scholarship program and to complete the application, click here.

Handy Downloads
Click below for handy downloads including useful our CPDM brochures and handy notepads for your desk, briefcase, or handbag