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Program Detail

ARPM601: Essentials in Risk Pool Management

Description: This course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to successfully work within or manage a risk pool. Learn what the risk pool managers role is and gain an understanding of insurance pooling, financial reporting, accounting, auditing, and so much more.

What you will learn
  • Review financial reporting, claim audits and reconciliation, GASB claim schedules
  • Bylaws, board management issues, pooling arrangements
  • Evaluation of excess markets, underwriting, and rating considerations
  • Transition management, managing turf wars, cylo-management issues
  • Review AGRiP best practices operational manual
  • Price includes texts and standard shipping costs.

Who will benefit 
  • Risk pool staff
  • Administrators and managers at all levels
  • Individuals aspiring to risk pool management positions
  • Insurance industry personnel
  • Service providers who work closely with risk pools